Your Support Team is here for you!

Going to school online is different, and your Support Team is dedicated to your success and will help you to make the transition easier. Our number one goal is to help you finish high school and earn your diploma. Your team includes:

Academic Coaches
Your Academic Coach will work with you to develop a personalized learning plan, help you register for courses, and assist you with navigating the Graduation Alliance environment. The Academic Coach is your go-to person for just about anything, so you’ll be talking a lot.

Local Student Advocates
Are things going on in your life getting in the way of getting your school work done? Your Local Student Advocate lives nearby and will help connect you with the right resources. Your local Advocate also holds weekly meet-ups and will be your proctor for final exams.

Each course is taught by a state-licensed teacher who will assist you with understanding the material, provide personalized feedback on your work, grade assignments, and give you a final grade for each course. They are available via phone, IM and email.

Professional tutors are available to students 24/7/361, so contact them when you are stuck on an Algebra problem at 11 PM, or anytime you need their help.

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